2021 Sponsors & Exhibitors

Buffalo Automation is an AI startup that provides advanced computer systems, which include autonomous navigation, situational awareness, decision support, remote monitoring, data analytics and cloud-based fleet management platforms.

Ship operators have been leveraging these products to increase safety and improve efficiency in their North American lake freighter fleets since 2015.

CMServices (Global) Ltd and Optimain Ltd operate worldwide and offer a full range of professional condition monitoring services and management solutions to the international maritime community. By delivering condition monitoring services and by optimizing the maintenance strategy within your business, we will measurably improve reliability, profitability and safety.

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Current Corporation is the manufacturer of the Night Navigator series of day and night vision camera systems installed worldwide on superyachts, workboats, high-speed craft, Coast Guard ships and fast patrol vessels. In addition, Night Navigators are deployed internationally for coastal surveillance, marine-based security and counter terrorism. Incorporating high-resolution thermal imaging, gated image-intensified HD night vision, and high-definition day cameras, the Night Navigator series provides the best vision ever. Current Corporation continually invests in Night Navigator R&D for a diverse range of applications including anti-piracy, whale and whale spout detection, extreme weather search and rescue, and oil spill detection. Current Corporation also provides the Canadian law enforcement market with a variety of night vision and surveillance equipment. These products are only available within Canada to law enforcement, Coast Guard, and military agencies.

Year Established: 1986

President: Greg Menzies

Purpose – To save lives and property at sea.

Mission – To develop, manufacture and deploy Night Navigator™ camera systems able to see in more adverse weather conditions than any camera system today.

Vision – To change the way people think about travel on the sea, day and night.

Born under the IT star early in the 80’s, Influencing Business (IB) focuses on design, development and implementation of enterprise asset management systems for the technical, maintenance and energy management of all kinds of assets for the maritime sector.

A single web-based software system to support, digitalize and integrate a broad range of fleet technical and operational processes, complying with the latest regulatory requirements in the market: this is the essence of InfoSHIP™.

Designed to be an ally for ship managers and operators, the software can be standalone or part of a multiconnected environment such as a fleet operation remote control center, making it highly adaptable for all kinds of clients.

If what you are looking for encompasses efficiency, adaptability and top-notch technology, rely on our expertise in marine processes and invest in InfoSHIP™ solutions.

L3Harris Technologies is an agile global technology innovator, providing advanced defense and commercial technologies across air, land, sea, space and cyber domains. L3Harris is accelerating innovation and providing affordable solutions to fast-forward to tomorrow.

Having acquired ASV Global in 2018, L3Harris is redefining the way the world works at sea with the industry’s most advanced autonomous surface vehicle (ASV) technology.

The company has specialist expertise and experience in autonomous control system development, as well as the design, build and operation of ASV systems. L3Harris has produced more than 100 ASV systems for a variety of commercial and defense operations all over the world.

Maritime Robotics AS (MR) is a leading provider of innovative unmanned solutions for maritime operations. MR was established in 2005, and has its headquarters in Trondheim, Norway. With technology developed in close collaboration with civilian, governmental and military partners, MR focuses on delivering high-quality systems that are cost-efficient, reduce personnel risk exposure, and are highly deployable. Maritime Robotics develops three types of unmanned systems: unmanned surface vessels, aerial vehicles, and moored balloon systems. MR has executed many projects creating specialized solutions for and consulting on surveying water bodies, e.g. mapping water reservoirs, finding sunken airplanes, and monitoring seabed nodes for geological surveys.

Neptec Technologies Corp, based in Ottawa, Canada, is the leading manufacturer of long-range marine lidar sensors for autonomous vessels and ship intelligence solutions. The OPAL 3D lidar delivers real-time 3D data for improved situational awareness, collision avoidance, and autonomous operations for both maritime and port applications.

Orca AI brings cutting-edge technology into the world of maritime, with the mission of building the brain for autonomous ships, starting with aiding ships to navigate more safely at sea by providing an intelligent collision avoidance system designed for crowded waterways and the harshest, lowest visibility scenarios. By supplementing existing onboard sensors with cameras as well as an AI-powered navigation and vessel tracking system, crews can easily detect ships, providing them with sufficient time to remedy their course and avoid a collision. The system learns the maritime environment and will gradually take control over parts of the voyage in the future.

Ouster is a leading provider of lidar and related robotics technology dedicated to bringing 3D sensing to the masses. It sells the OS-1 and OS-2 lidar sensors which are the most capable, powerful and affordable sensors on the market. The company focuses on practical, scalable engineering and prides itself on shipping products, not promises.

Proteus Risk Solutions is an Antwerp-based marine insurance broker and risk consultant, providing worldwide security to clients and managing risks professionally and efficiently. The company can advise you on your contracts and give you the best advice on legal matters, from risk assessment to professional loss management.

Look at Proteus as your subcontractor when things go wrong. By developing tailor-made, innovative solutions, it will assist in drafting contracts, pushing your risk exposure to your contractor wherever possible, and avoiding surplus insurance policies and premium.

In 2018 Vanbreda Risk and Benefits became the minority shareholder and will have the majority from 2020, which will make Proteus the largest independent marine broker in Belgium.

SATEL is one of the world’s leading experts and innovators in independent radio networking technology. It develops high-quality radio technology solutions that enable reliable, secure, mission-critical connections.

SATEL's mission is to enhance the success of its partners and clients through its technology and expertise. At the heart of its solutions is mission-critical connectivity.

SATEL solutions are used in a wide range of industrial applications – everything from electricity distribution to waterworks, from machine control to harbor logistics, from weather stations to security systems, and from precise positioning to irrigation systems. The application possibilities are endless.

Sea Machines is a leader in pioneering autonomous control and advanced situational awareness technology for the maritime industry. Founded in 2015, the company builds vessel control software and systems which increase the capability, predictability and performance of ships, workboats and commercial vessels. Sea Machines has offices in Boston and Hamburg. Learn more about Sea Machines at www.sea-machines.com.

Smart Shipping: Smart mobility on the Dutch waterways

Smart Shipping includes all innovations with regard to (accommodating) automated shipping at sea and inland waterways. The Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management sees a lot of potential in Smart Shipping in relation to policy goals and the competitiveness of the sector. The Smart Shipping program facilitates the introduction of Smart Shipping by implementing the following objectives:

  • allows for trials of smart shipping experiments
  • offers a clear direction for development
  • allows innovations by changing legislation and regulations
  • ensures the Ministry is ready for Smart Shipping
Take a look at www.smashnederland.nl.

TP Group is professional services and technology partner with a unique end-to-end approach. Its consulting and program services team advises clients on strategic problems and implementing technology-driven solutions. The autonomy and spatial computing team works in the fields of AI, machine learning, agent-based systems, computer vision, and spatial computing.

Velodyne LiDAR is the leader in the global real-time 3D lidar market. Velodyne offers a compelling suite of products and services to the growing market of customers across multiple industries that require the most advanced lidar sensors available. With its San Jose megafactory, Velodyne’s manufacturing has expanded to meet worldwide high-volume demand and the company is now delivering at scale.

Meet Velodyne LiDAR at Autonomous Ship Technology Symposium to learn how its sensors contribute to future autonomous shipping.