Statement: 2020 event canceled

23 March 2020

We are aware that thanks to Covid-19 and the rescheduling of shows, the industry now faces the prospect of attending almost year’s worth of shows in just the three-month period between September and the end of November.

We have thus taken the decision to cancel the Autonomous Ship Technology Symposium 2020. The conference will absolutely return from 22-24 June next year, bigger and better then ever.

We hope that our decision will be understood and indeed appreciated by the industry. Believe me, we’d rather open the event this year, but we know that in these uncertain times, there is no place for our own agenda. We want to ensure that you, our exhibitors, delegates, and speakers attend a event that will be at it’s very best. We only want to run events that introduce you to more likeminded people and more technologies than you’ve ever learned about before. And that’s the experience that we will deliver for you from 22-24 June 2021 in The Rai, Amsterdam.

Graham Johnson
Managing Director